RepresentUs Education Fund (RUEF) is a national, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization challenging the undue influence of well-financed special interests over American politics and government. RUEF supports public education, research, online and traditional grassroots organizing to amplify the message of money-in-politics corruption and increase civic participation.

RepresentUs Education Fund is an innovative, entrepreneurial organization employing new and creative solutions to improve American democracy. RUEF produces compelling digital content and utilizes social media platforms to attract the attention of a digitally saturated public. RUEF inspires those people to become a part of the movement and empowers them to enact meaningful and lasting change in their own communities.

RepresentUs believes that political power comes from real people, millions of us – conservatives, progressives and everyone in between, united, organized, and taking action locally.

RepresentUs Education Fund receives funding from foundations, and individuals, and supports the work of our 501(c)(4) partner RepresentUs to enact long-term, structural reforms. A list of donors may be obtained by sending a request to donate@represent.us

Public Education, Outreach and Communications

RepresentUs Education Fund believes that compelling multimedia is the most cost-effective tool for marketing and public education. RUEF publishes a daily interactive news blog, “The Bulletin” curates current money-in-politics related news items with a strong emphasis on infographics, blog posts, videos and interactive features to engage, educate and enlist support.

RepresentUs Education Fund made grants to RepresentUs to support public education activities and dedicated cross-partisan outreach activities. RUEF developed and delivered a multichannel public education program explaining complex money in politics issues. These public education activities included 34 new money-in-politics educational multimedia projects, garnering more than 1.5 million YouTube views in 2014.

RUEF grants also supported the RepresentUs national volunteer program, which provides educational materials, tools, resources, online discussion forums and monthly volunteer conference calls to volunteers. Funds also enabled the deployment of staff to community events and conferences across the country, increasing outreach to a diverse cross section of the public.

How to Donate

Until the system is reformed, it’ll take big money to fight back against corruption. Your contribution empowers fellow citizens to take a stand in their community to reform democracy.

To make a gift to RepresentUs Education Fund please mail your contribution to:

RepresentUs Education Fund
P.O. Box 60008
Florence, MA 01062

Because we advocate for transparency in political spending, we ask that our own donors be transparent as well. A full list of our funders is available here.

If you are interested in making a donation, or if you would like more information about our disclosure policy, please email donate@represent.us.

For terms and conditions, data collection and how we use your information, please see our privacy policy.

RepresentUs Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.